A look back at the tournament that’s regarded as a dress rehearsal for the main event – the 2010 Fifa World Cup

Shaun Bartlett, former Bafana Bafana, Charlton and Kaizer Chiefs striker, shares his thoughts on the 2009 Confederations Cup and Bafana Bafana’s chances at the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

What are your overall thoughts on the tournament?
The Confederations Cup has definitely been a success story for the organisers, but more so for the spectators and our beautiful nation. For me, the greatest success is that the SA public got their interest as well as passion back for our beloved Bafana Bafana.

How do you think Bafana Bafana rated? Bafana Bafana did us all proud during this tournament. A lot of critics had questions regarding selection and form of certain players, but they were all proved wrong. There’s always room for improvement.

What players impressed you? One of those players whose selection was questioned was my Bafana Bafana player of the tournament, Matthew Booth.

What do you think of the vuvuzela controversy?
Fifa wants an African World Cup, and vuvuzelas are without a doubt the best possible way to show what African sounds we have. I’m all for it.

What do you think are Bafana’s chances at the World Cup?
The good thing about our chances for the World Cup is that we still have at least another year to go. Considering our style of play during this tournament, we have to take a lot of positives, and we can only get better. The priority for the World Cup should be at least a quarter-final spot.