Marketing yourself and your business

How to stay ahead of the pack in the corporate world using new age marketing techniques.

Tips for digital marketing
Opportunities are endless these days when it comes to marketing yourself and the products or services your business offers.

Simon Garrity, a marketing coach at, says the best way to currently market yourself is to learn how to “FLiRT”:
F is for Facebook: Create a page for your business. Use it to list all your products and services that you offer, it’s also a good way to interact with your potential client or customer.
L is for LinkedIn: Where ambitious business people hang out and interact.
RT is for retweeting on Twitter: People get hung up about generating new content, but a smart strategy of retweeting can help you create content, inform your followers and put you on the radar of some of the smartest people in your field.

“The key to FLiRting is to be a giver and contributor,” says Garrity. “Find groups, pages and feeds that are in line with what you’re focused on and provide genuine value to the discussions. Not only will it show up in search results when clients google, but you never know who is reading your well-thought out advice and may contact you for a client engagement. Make sure you have a brief professional profile and never oversell your experience or your abilities.”

“The internet never forgets and making false claims about yourself online could haunt you forever. Keep it simple and honest. Develop a keen curiosity that refuses to take the everyday way of doing things. Think differently and you will do different things that will make you and your business stand out in the market,” Garrity concludes.