BMW SA to upgrade Rosslyn plant with R2,2 billion investment

The launch and production of the all-new 3 Series will create much needed employment and boost the SA economy.

BMW SA is planning to invest R2,2 billion in the economy via the company’s Rosslyn plant in Pretoria. The launch of the production of the all-new 3 Series, which will be assembled at the Rosslyn plant, will create around 600 new jobs. It is reported that the plant’s production capacity currently sits at 55 000 units per year, but that will increase dramatically with the increase of the production capacity with this new investment to more than 90 000 units per year. BMW exports about 85% of the cars it produces at the plant.

Edward Makwana, Group Automotive Communications at BMW SA, tells us more about this initiative and the new generation 3 series.

Apart from SA, where will the new 3 Series be manufactured?
Munich in Germany and Shanghai in China.

Where will BMW SA export the 3 Series to?
The USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, to name a few.

When will the 3 Series be launched in SA?
17 March 2012.

What sort of impact will this have on the economy?
The biggest impact is job creation, with 600 new jobs expected to be created, increase of units to be exported and for local sales. For example, we have been producing around 50 000 units per year, but we will produce 90 000 units per year by 2013.