Mastering your area of focus

Discover what differentiates you from colleagues and competitors and learn how to market your unique selling proposition (USP) so you stand out from the crowd.

Powerful personal brands master the area of their focus with such superiority that you can’t help but notice them. Some of the top-performing personal brands in business are recognised because of the way they have developed their skills in a specific area.

For example, in my book, Branding & Marketing YOU, I profile Vuyo Jack, co-founder and CEO of Empowerdex – a company that pioneered the auditing and rating of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in SA.
Jack’s personal brand is built on the understanding that to stand out from the pack and achieve your goals, you have to do more than just be good at something lots of people are doing. Excellence and specialisation are critical.
Since Jack has achieved excellence in the area of transformation, he has been able to broaden the scope of where he can have the best impact. He is now pursuing his passion for film, alongside his passion for assisting people to take charge of their economic destiny, by making movies about transformation.
Successful personal brands integrate their talents and their passion, carve out a niche for themselves and pursue purpose.
Jack sees empowerment as the overarching theme of his life, but notes that there will be different manifestations of this theme. In our interview, he pointed out that there are many types of transformation – such as social or economic empowerment. “There are many different dimensions to empowerment,” he says. “I find myself having to navigate between all those dimensions. The key driving force for me is purpose.”
Although this sense of purpose was clear to him from early on in his career, Jack says that the depth of that purpose has only been realised over time and it is a matter of balance. “I would focus on economics, but because I was only doing economics, my soul felt like it was dying. I feel that there is something lacking by just focusing on business, so it needs to have some level of spirit infused in it. I also sometimes go to the other extreme of being too spiritual. I realised that I need balance. With the two fused into one, you can be much more powerful.”
Powerful personal brands discover their talents and passions and then pursue them persistently. They integrate their interests and skills and use these to create a differentiator.

Donna Rachelson is a branding and marketing innovator focused on SA’s client service-based businesses. She combines her contagious passion and 25 years’ experience in strategy, marketing and change management to empower people and teams to achieve breakthrough results. Visit her website:, find her on Facebook or email her at: