The business of style

The connoisseurs of fine single malt Scotch whisky, The Glenlivet, and exquisite tailoring, Tiger of Sweden, have teamed up with DESTINY MAN to bring like-minded readers the Business of Style...

In anticipation of the Business of Style event taking place on 22 November at Tiger of Sweden in Sandton City, Johannesburg, we ask Tiger of Sweden’s MD Nitsa Comninos-Rose to give us a sneak-peek of the upcoming trends for Winter 2013 and for tips on how to do business in style.

What are the latest fashion trends in menswear this season?

The latest winter collection, which is currently in stores in Europe as well as in our SA stores, is focused on simple and minimalistic shapes. The style is mainly a hard against soft look, with an elongated and slim silhouette. Simple and clean shapes with high-tech sports details for a sharp edge are also key details. The Tiger Jeans assortment is all about denim that is coated rather than heavily washed.

What is the colour palette for the season?

Defining colours are orange, ink blue and burgundy. Black, white and grey form the base, accentuated by these winter brights. Red is also very significant in this collection. Denim in dark washes is essential.

What are this season’s must-have items?

The new cut of suit, with its longer and more aggressive approach, is at the forefront. Knits are elongated, in some cases with a twisted structure or yarn and a roll neck.  The roll neck plays a significant role this season, spanning from oversized to sharp fits. Important for the autumn-winter coat is full volume and the elongated silhouette, the sleeveless key pieces as well as the rebellious checks. Fabrics such as salt-and-pepper tweed, metallics and leather surfaces are combined with wools and mohair.

What tips would you give to men wanting to do business in style?

In 1993, Tiger of Sweden took the suit “out of the bank and onto the streets”, creating a culture of sharp, slim suits that are exquisitely tailored. There is nothing more important than fit and a well-fitted suit immediately elevates the look to being bespoke rather than “off the rack” and creates a super-slick first impression.

How can men make their work attire more interesting or exciting?

Opting for checks and pinstripes rather than safe solids creates a more current look. Checks don’t have to mean classic and boring. A slim-fit suit in a “Prince of Wales” check is super-edgy and very current. Mixing and matching a checked blazer and solid trousers in tonal colours but contrast textures give off a less formal but well-pulled together look. Accessories are really important to finish off and update any outfit, but the key here is not to match it all perfectly… a handkerchief and tie in the same tones but different patterns and textures give any outfit a modern twist.

What are the essentials every man should have in his closet?

  • A well-fitted black or grey suit in a fine, pure wool.
  • A crisp white cotton shirt with a small cut-away collar.
  • A black silk tie.
  • A merino wool knit pullover in black, grey or navy.
  • A navy or grey well-fitted blazer in a solid colour or in tonal checks.
  • A good-quality white cotton T-shirt for layering is essential.
  • Slim-fit chinos in neutral colours.
  • Solid, dark blue indigo jeans.
  • A pair of black, handmade Italian lace-up shoes or boots.
  • A classic, fitted black coat to finish off and create a timeless wardrobe.