Mswati’s 14th wife? No, thanks!

A Swazi-born woman is making make headlines in the UK after claiming she had to flee Swaziland when King Mswati III wanted to make her his 14th bride.

Tintswalo Ngobeni (22) is applying for political asylum to remain in the UK after her first application was denied in 2011.

She says she fled the country seven years ago after attracting the unwanted attentions of Mswati (45), after he met her at the palace of his fourth wife, LaNgangaza. Ngobeni was 15 at the time.

Ngobeni told the UK’s Daily Mail she was "terrified" when she learned of his intentions.

“He started calling me at boarding school. He would ask me if I wanted to be a part of the royal family. I had to keep quiet about my fears but I knew I didn’t want to get married to him and have a life devoted to the king,” she told the newspaper. 

“I didn’t have a choice,” she said. “Nobody has ever turned down the king or dares to disobey him, so I just disappeared.”

Her aunt quickly made arrangements for her to join her mother in England, who herself had left an abusive husband in Swaziland five years earlier. Ngobeni has since become a vocal opponent of Mswati staging weekly protests outside the Swaziland embassy in London along with activist group, Swazi Vigil. 

Mswati is Africa’s last remaining absolute monarch and has 13 wives and 27 legitimate children. He is worth a reported $200 million and, in 2009, made Forbes’ 15 Richest Royals list.

The Swazi queens are notoriously well-kept, each with their own palace and a generous overseas shopping allowances. In May last year, Mswati’s sixth wife, Angela "LaGija" Dlamini, fled her palace amid allegations of emotional and physical abuse.

Source: Daily Mail