[Video] Focus on Syria

While the US mulls over Syria's offer to hand over all chemical weapons, DESTINY looks at where all the parties stand.

Recent developments show key parties are still at polar ends on whether international military action should be taken in Syria.

US Military Strikes

President Barack Obama’s announcement to ensue strikes in Syria has been met with a lot of negativity. Critics worry that the US will turn the situation into yet another Afghanistan where tens of thousands of civilians suffer due to the inflated violence. However, Obama stands by the fact that Syrian civilians particularly children are already dying at the hands of their government. He conducted this interview in Auburn, NY last week detailing his next steps.

Russia Versus US

Russia has publicly blocked all attempts by the US to militarily intervene in Syria. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, called on Obama as a Nobel Prize winner, and that he should make a decision that will bring peace in the country. In a Reuters interview he discussed his belief in peace for the troubled African country.

Syrian Government Surrenders

The Syrian Prime Minister, Walid al-Moualem, announced in a press conference caught by Euronews that they obliged to Russia’s request to hand over their chemical weapons and to cease experiments, which involve chemical weapons. Some would call this an admission of guilt in the fatal chemical attacks last month.