Kenyan newspaper raises concerns after publishing top gays in the country

After Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto recently said gay people are not welcome in Kenya, a local newspaper has published the names of the country's "top gays"

In a move many have condemned as irresponsible and an infringement on human rights, a political Kenyan newspaper, the Weekly Citizen, has published the names of people they claim are the country’s “top gays”.

The publication raises a ‘concern’ about the growing number of homosexuals in the country.

Part of the article reads: “When Kenya National Human Rights Commission and a section of non-governmental organisations came out guns blazing and demanded William Ruto apologises to the gay community for saying Kenya has no room for gays and lesbians, many were left wondering whether they were hearing right. Others wondered whether they were still in Kenya or in the Godless America or Europe.”

The article refers to a speech made by the country’s deputy president William Ruto to a Nairobi church congregation. According to the Huffington Post Ruto said: “The Republic of Kenya is a republic that worships God. We have no room for gays and those others.”

His remarks were criticised by many activists in the country who labelled them as hate speech.

Kenya is not the first African country whose harsh anti-gay laws have raised major concerns around the world.

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Last year a Ugandan tabloid called Red Pepper published the names of 200 Ugandans they believed were homosexuals. This is alleged to have led to the murder of Ugandan gay activist David Kato, who was killed after the list came out, The Independent reported.

In 2014 the country’s President Yoweri Museveni passed draconian anti-gay laws criminalising homosexuality.

This caused international outrage and even led to the European Union imposing sanctions on the key government officials. Uganda’s Constitutional Court later overturned the laws.

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