Peters touts women-friendly transport environment

An environment must be created for the local transport industry to be friendly to women, Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters told Fin24 on Wednesday

“We should look at how we tend to encourage boys to play with cars and girls with dolls,” she said at the global summit of the International Transport Forum (ITF) taking place in Leipzig, Germany, this week.

“Cars are not just for boys. We should encourage this approach also at school level. There must be platforms and scholarships, for instance, to empower women in science, technology, mathematics and clean energy.”

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She said it was important to realise that empowering women in the transport industry would also involve ensuring their safety. Affordability is another important issue.

“In SA, we are committed to gender equality,” said Peters, adding that she is the first female minister of transport SA has ever had, including during the apartheid years.

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“If we do not appoint women in the transport industry, we are short-changing ourselves in SA. Remember: we need both men and women to hold up the sky,” she said during a workshop on women in transport.

“Accessibility to transport should be one of the issues that are gender-equal. Women need to be protected on public transport. For instance, no matter how early or how late they have to use it.”

Source: News24 Wire