Racist Sodwana Bay guest house owner’s license to be suspended

The racist comments of a Sodwana Bay guest house owner have cost him his licence

The licence will be suspended following public outrage over racism at the lodge, which came under under scrutiny last week following an allegation that the lodge did not accept black guests. The allegation was later confirmed by the lodge’s owner André Slade, who went on to make a scathing attack against black people.

Speaking in an interview with Vuma FM, a KwaZulu-Natal radio station, Slade repeated his remarks and added that black people were animals and that whites were royalty. He also said that the reason he no longer wanted black people at his establishment was because of their behaviour.

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“Most of the times that we get blacks walking through these doors, they bring prostitutes here and they f**k all night in their rooms and make me feel uncomfortable,” Slade said.

“They bring booze here and sit and get drunk and break things… And when my maid has left, they come to me and demand things. They ask me to clean their bedrooms.”

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DA leader Mmusi Maimane has condemned Slade’s behaviour.

“The perpetrator in this matter, a KwaZulu-Natal resident named André Slade, responded yesterday to a booking enquiry saying that his guesthouse does not ‘accommodate blacks or government employees any longer’, and that he believes in segregating people by race,” Maimane said.

“This matter is also personal to me, as the perpetrator has previously referred to me as a ‘beast’ and ‘little bastard’ on his online blog, revealing his racism in no uncertain terms.”

eNCA reports that criminal charges will be laid against Slade. The Human Rights Commission will also be looking into the allegations.

Zikalala said racist incidents had become common in South Africa.

Additional reporting: eNCA