Starting a workout programme? Here’s why you need a personal trainer

Starting out on your fitness journey can be perplexing and frustrating if you don't have someone to guide you through your paces. Here are a few reasons why to invest in a personal trainer

How many times have you set fitness goals with all the conviction in the world, then drop them a week later? Or started on a fitness journey and not seen results, only to later realise it’s because you were doing everything wrong?

This is why having someone to guide you with your workout plan is one of the most important investments you can make. We spoke to Peteni Kuzwayo, head coach at the Nike running club, about the benefits of a personal trainer.

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You get a customised training programme

Kuzwayo says that one of the major benefits is that a personal trainer is able to deal with your strength and capabilities directly, and so can create customised training schedules that work for you.

“A lot of the programmes one can download are generic, but a personal trainer can customise a programme for your specific needs,” he says.

They motivate you

“If you aren’t quite at the level where you’re self-motivated and self-inspired, having a personal trainer who will give you a heads-up and say ‘this is what we’re doing; this is when you’re doing it’ will make you accountable and more likely to follow through,” Kuzwayo explains.

He adds that it’s often easy to cancel a workout because of the weather perhaps, how you’re feeling at that particular moment or just because you’re lazy – but having a personal trainer makes it harder to make these kinds of excuses.

They encourage realistic goals

“Sometimes we want to do things because it’s summer and we want that summer body,” Kuzwayo says. “But if it’s the beginning of November and you want a summer body for December, chances are you’re going to be doing the wrong stuff. You’ll also end up setting unrealistic goals for yourself and get demotivated because of pushing yourself too hard”

He says that a personal trainer is able to help you pace yourself and also be realistic about the goals you set for yourself.

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You’ll learn the correct way to exercise

“Exercising is more about quality than quantity. You could be running for three hours, but if you’re doing the wrong things, then a lot of it is ‘junk running’. A trainer will tell you that you don’t necessarily have to run for two hours; they’ll suggest a 45-minute session that’s done correctly and will produce better results.”