Trend update: Wooden accessories for men

One of the latest trends on the street are wooden accessories, from sunglasses to bow ties

As sustainable fashion continues to grow, it was almost certain that wood would slowly make its way into the fashion industry.

This has added an interesting dynamic and aesthetic to menswear, for which options are often fairly limited compared to women’s fashion. Before the wooden trend became part of men’s accessories, it was a popular choice for smartphone covers. The trend has now extended to other accessories such as bags, wallets, watches, bow ties and rings.

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Here are a few wooden accessories that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.

Local company Indalo Décor, founded by Inga Gubeka, is one of the continent’s most recognisable wooden accessories brands, and Gubeka recently opened a store in Braamfontein. Going for one of these wooden bags can up the game of the simplest outfit.

Wooden Accessory 2

One of the coolest ways to step out of the house this spring is with wooden frames. They’re stylish, trendy and have timeless appeal.

Wooden sunglasses

Wooden Accessories sunglasses 5

Wooden Sunglasses 2

Wooden watches are definitely one of our favourite accessories. Their contemporary design will instantly update your ensemble.

Wooden sunglasses 4

Wooden watches 2

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Bow ties
If you consider yourself to be a bit more adventurous than the average man when it comes to fashion, then the wooden bow tie was made for you. It can take the most pared-down outfit (a white shirt and a pair of chinos) and turn it into something infinitely more interesting – in a good way!

Wooden Accessory

Wooden Bowq Ties


Wooden wallets are great because they will always be solid – and they look great!

Wooden Wallets


All images sourced from Pinterest.