Athleisure meets formalwear

The formal-meets-informal look has arrived, as the athleisure trend merges with formal items of clothing

Over the years, the athleisure trend has grown in popularity, and it doesn’t seem to be receding as new trends emerge. But the trend hasn’t been stagnant; it’s evolved and merged with other spheres of menswear – the most interesting of which is its fusion with formalwear.

Formalwear has become more lax over the years and, unless it’s a strictly black-tie event, has allowed men more versatility and the space to bring a lot more personality to their smarter ensembles. Athleisure has found its way into the formal sphere, and we love the result!

 Here’s how to incorporate athleisure gear into your formalwear:

Suits with trainers

Ath-Formal 2

The trainer-and-suit trend has been popular for a while, but with the rise of the athleisure trend, one can identify this look as athleisure trickling down further into formalwear. This combination allows a hint of your individuality to shine through, adding some flair to the formality of a suit.

Crew-neck jerseys

Ath-formal 8

Crew-neck jerseys are casual items that are sometimes worn to the gym on cold days. But when paired with well-fitting formal trousers and smart boots or shoes, you can achieve a contemporary formal look.

Bomber jackets

Ath-formal 9

This bomber jacket made a major impact this year, and has been an integral part of any man’s wardrobe as it’s a timeless piece. For a casual-meets-formal look, wear your bomber with well-fitting formal trousers, a round- or V-neck T-shirt and a pair of Oxfords or monk straps.

Tracksuit pants

Ath-formal 7

Incredibly, one of the biggest trends at the moment is tracksuit pants that have elements of formal trousers. These pants are often made of tracksuit pants material but are cut like formal trousers. They usually include a zip, and some have a drawstring in place of a belt. Some guys may be reluctant to embrace this trend, but it’s one of our favourites.

Images sourced from Pinterest