Versatile fashion: 4 ways to wear your suit pants

While we’ve seen and enjoyed the versatility that menswear has been able to gain over the years, for some reason, many of us are still very traditional with the approach we take to styling our suits. Over and above suits, we still only pair our formal pants with an overall formal look.

You’d be surprised to know that your formal suit pants are probably one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe right now. Here are a few ways that you can play around with them.


Suit P11

Suit P13

We can obviously never take away from formal pants’ main function: to be incorporated into a formal ensemble. The suit look is still one of the best looks on any man and if you want to command a room, you better be doing it in this style.

With a tee

Suit P1

Suit P2

Suit P3

One of the best ways to maintain a serious and formal like look without a lot of fuss is to tuck a plain or printed T-shirt into a pair of formal pants and finish this look off with a pair of dress shoes. This look is great not only for the office, but can be pulled of quite well as a street look when you swap the dress shoes for a pair of sneakers.

Street Style

Suit P6

Suit P 4

Suit P8

The best thing about street style is that it’s all a personality thing and, because of that, no one can ever say you’re doing something incorrectly. There are no wrongs, just interpretations. However you feel you want to interpret your formal pants will probably work if paired with a classic sneaker.

Suit, sneakers and casual headgear

Suit P6

Suit P9

Suit P7

This look is a mix of formal, business casual, and smart casual. It literally has elements of all of the above and can probably work in each scenario that the dress codes describes. A pairing of a suit, a baseball cap and sneakers might not feel right, but as soon as you give it a try for yourself you’ll understand why it works.

All images sourced from Pinterest