[GALLERY] Trevor Stuurman, the new ambassador for Superga

Superga has just announced acclaimed young photographer Trevor Stuurman as its latest seasonal ambassador

Stuurman is one of the few young photographers in the country who have managed to step out of the category of ‘cool kid’ and built themselves into strong and sustainable brands.

His most recent collaboration is with the iconic Italian brand Superga. Stuurman has been announced as the brand’s latest seasonal ambassador. This collaboration gave him the opportunity to curate his own range of six signature styles for Superga’s SS16/17 collection.

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Over and above his powerful photography, Stuurman is also known for his quirky-contemporary style that’s often infused with African heritage. Superga took advantage of this, allowing Stuurman to style and direct the campaign himself.

“Trevor incorporated a tropical setting underpinning African heritage. This was beautifully paired with Trevor’s iconic, sophisticated and beautifully tailored wardrobe selection,” Superga says.

In a previous interview with DESTINY MAN, Stuurman shared how he’s been able to navigate the creative industry and how his style has played a major role in this.

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“I’m not the most confident person, but because of the type of industry I’m in I sort of have to bite the bullet. I don’t plan and strategise my networking, I take a very organic approach to it all. It’s important to me that no conversation is forced,” he said.

“My [personal] style has also played quite a pivotal role in breaking the ice. People will often comment about what I’m wearing and that allows me to engage on something I’m passionate about. This allows for an organic conversation to happen and a true connection to light up. That’s the key to forming enduring contacts.”

Take a look at the Trevor Stuurman for Superga collection for yourself:

Trevor Stuurman 6 Trevor Stuurman 5 Trevor Stuurman 4 Trevor Stuurman 3 Trevor Stuurman 2 Trevor Stuurman 1 Trevor Stuurman 8