The 4 ways you’re making oily skin worse

Often, but not always, oily skin and acne go hand in hand. Here are the four main mistakes to avoid in order to keep these problems under control

Oily skin is extremely common, especially among us men, and can be caused by many factors. In certain cases it’s hereditary.

While you may be trying a lot of things to keep your oily skin under control, here are a few mistakes that you could be making and, in the process, making your oily skin worse.

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Scrubbing too much

One of the biggest mistakes that individuals with oily skin make is over-scrubbing. They do so believing that scrubbing skin more than the recommended number of times a week and doing so aggressively will clean out their pores more and remove ‘more’ dead skin cells and so on. But this actually makes matters worse because aggressively scrubbing your skin can leave it inflamed and more sensitive.

Rather stick to scrubbing your skin a maximum of two to three times a week lightly – the scrub can do all the work by itself, it doesn’t need a hand.

Over-drying skin

Believe it or not, but there is such a thing as over-drying skin and it’s a very important to avoid doing this when you’ve got problematic skin. It’s important to pat your skin dry after cleansing or swimming instead of just rubbing a towel around your face. Over-drying could lead to irritation and inflammation which can worsen acne.

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Not interrogating your cleanser 

Another big mistake that you might not even realise you’ve been making for the longest time is using an oil-based or overly creamy facial cleanser. The thicker the cleanser, the more likely it is to clog your pores. Bar soap is also not an option, you should check the facial cleanser you’re using now. If it’s not foam-based, give it to someone else and invest in a foam-based cleanser.

Not cleansing after a workout 

It’s very important to wash your face after a workout. While the sweat you secrete during a workout doesn’t clog pores, it can seep all the environmental pathogens like dust and grime that have settled on your skin throughout the day into your pores.

Additional source: Prevention