Augusto Palacios appointed as Pirates interim head coach

Orlando Pirates Chairman Irvin Khoza has expressed his disappointment in the way that former Pirates coach Muhsin Ertugral announced his resignation and has confirmed that Professor Augusto Palacios is the interim coach

On Wednesday, Orlando Pirates called an emergency press conference following the abrupt announcement Ertugral made in a post-match interview about his resignation.

Khoza also announced that Palacios would take over the reins as the interim head coach and Pirates stalwart Benson Mhlongo would be the second assistant coach.

Speaking about Ertugral’s exit, Khoza said that he was very disappointed by how Ertugral handled it.

“Unfortunately, within the agreement between the club and the coach, there are things I can’t talk about, because there’s an understand[ing] that you cannot talk about some of your feelings. Except to say that we wish him the best of luck wherever he’s going,” Khoza said in a statement to the press.

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“I would’ve loved for him to have engaged me first, before he released his frustration, because if you remember the manner in which he came to this club, and the culture of this club, we always make it dignified. With the entrance of a coach or player, we give you that dignity because we know what impact it makes in the media, with the supporters, our sponsors and everybody in the industry.”

Khoza also indicated that had Ertugral approached him and engaged him first before making this big decision, then maybe he could have convinced him to stay.

We think it’s important to give coaches a chance even under difficult circumstances

“Unfortunately for him, and us, he gave an indication to the media before even discussing it with us. Usually it’s not easy for me to just accept a coach’s resignation. I always give him support – you’ll remember Erik Tinkler and Roger de Sa, who went to four finals [and lost all of them] but we soldiered on,” Khoza said.

“We think it’s important to give coaches a chance even under difficult circumstances.”

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Ertugral has been described as having a very bad and short temper and this has, in the past, seen him clash with several senior players of the team. But young players from Mpumalanga Black Aces, the team he coached before Pirates, have said that his temper worked for them.

“When he first came to the club, every time I made a mistake I would [look] at him and he would be shouting at me. I would be out of the game because of that. But now I am used to it. Muhsin wants the best out of us and he likes the youngsters who work hard,” Black Aces player Aubrey Modiba said in March.

Additional source: KickOff