Men’s denim trends to know right now

Denim will never go out of style – just be sure that you're on trend when it comes to this versatile fabric

“Denim is a way of life” – few statements about fashion have been as apt as this one. Denim has an amazing history, and has been a popular style choice for decades.

It’s ever-changing nature and ability to adapt to trends that come and go mean it will never go out of style.

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The versatility of denim pants in a man’s wardrobe is incomparable. But there are some looks that you probably want to avoid – for example, walking around in bootleg denim pants right now isn’t the best way to represent yourself. Make sure you stay with the times with these current denim trends:

Faded-wash denim
Less dye-heavy denim is this season’s must-have. The material is much lighter compared to raw denim. Faded-wash denim is inspired by the looks seen in the ’60s and ’70s, and have a more vintage feel to them. You’ll often find these denims distressed, and cut straight or skinny.

For the best faded-denim look, we recommend you wear your pants with an all-white ensemble. This creates a clean, minimal and perfectly crisp look.

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Black denim
For almost three years, black denim has maintained its place as the leading trend in denim staples for men. The skinny fit has been the most popular. But before you squeeze yourself into what can look like denim tights, opt for a looser straight-cut fit. This way, your denim pants will look well-fitted – and you’ll actually be getting some blood flow to your nether regions.

Tapered cuts
These are a blessing for gents with big thighs and big legs. Tapered-cut jeans have enough room in them to move comfortably, yet don’t look like they’re hanging on the belt.