Kwesta’s new clothing line – Raplyf

One of South Africa's most loved rappers Senzo 'Kwesta' Vilakazi has recently branched out into the retail industry with the launch of his new clothing brand

If one really ponders on it, one would realise that there is a very strong link that exists between music and fashion. In fact, one could almost classify particular styles of dress with very specific genres of music.

The two entities are almost born from the same family of creativity. It’s about having an idea, putting the necessary elements of bringing that idea to life, and then finally producing a final product. So it’s never surprising when a musically creative individual such as Kwesta would venture into the business of fashion – it almost seems like a natural progression.

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Just before the end of 2016, Kwesta launched his athleisure range named Raplyf. The range consists of trendy long T-shirts, sweaters, sleeveless hoodies and leather design caps. It’s a range very much aimed at the urban population of our country and consist of essential casual-capsule items.

Kwesta and models in Raplyf clothing. Pic: supplied

Kwesta shows off his new clothing range. Pic: supplied

“For me, this has always been a growth thing. When I started, I always tried to switch it up and change things up to be beyond just music. That’s why we started Raplyf [Records]. . . you don’t see my name on it because I don’t want it to be about Kwesta,” Kwesta said at the launch of the range.

The launch of his label comes after the rapper signed a distribution deal with Australia’s leading street wear distribution company Brand Agency. His range will be available at the Nena and Pasadena store at the Mall of Africa, and also at the at Arrow at East Gate Mall.

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Moving forward, the rapper is planning on partnering with upcoming designers in the country and giving them an opportunity to create apparel for his next range.




“I want to give designers a platform because there are so many people that have come to me and said ‘I want to make you a shirt, a jacket, pants’ and so on. This is just another platform to give other people an opportunity,” he said in an interview with Zkhipani.

It would seem that Kwesta is following in the footsteps of club DJ Lulo Cafe, who also launched a capsule clothing range mid-2016 (pictured below).

Lulo Cafe Lulo Cafe 2

Additional source: iOL, Zkiphani