Why you’re struggling to lose weight

If you've been struggling to lose weight despite all your efforts, here are a few things you might have overlooked

There are few things as discouraging as choosing to commit to a weight loss programme of exercising and eating what you believe to be a healthy diet yet not seeing results, even though you’ve been at it for a significant time.

But before you become too disheartened, here are a few things you might not have considered that could be hindering your weight loss goals.

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Stress can actually have an impact on your progress. Prolonged stress releases a hormone called cortisol in our bodies which, among other things, breaks down muscles and consequently slows down one’s metabolism, making weight loss a lot more difficult.

Treating yourself too often
It’s important to keep track of when and how many times you decide to treat yourself to something you “shouldn’t” be eating. You have to be deliberate about your calorie intake. If, for example, you’ve run 5 km that morning and burn about 500 calories, and feel that you deserve a reward for your efforts, chances are the treat will far exceed the calories you’ve lost.

Not controlling your hunger
Exercising has a huge impact on your appetite and it’s likely that you’ll feel super hungry after an intense session at the gym. The danger is that the desire to eat excessively after your workout can set your weight loss goals back. It’s a good idea to have a snack before your workout to manage your hunger once you’ve exercised.

The snack shouldn’t be something too heavy that will make your workout uncomfortable. Opt for a handful of almonds, a protein bar or an apple to boost your energy.

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Not sticking to your exercise programme
If you’re inconsistent with your workouts, you won’t see results soon, if at all. One study done in Britain found that missing one workout actually increases the likelihood of missing another one by a whopping 61%. You have to stick to your workout programme for it to work. This also helps in eventually mastering your workouts.

Not giving your body time to recover
One of the biggest mistakes people make when either trying to gain muscle or lose weight is not giving themselves enough time to recover. “People don’t understand that going home and eating well, going to sleep, and drinking enough water is going to allow your body to recover so you can go back to the gym a day later so you can do it again,” fitness expert Tony Gentilcore told Men’s Health. 

If you go to gym six days a week, make sure you’re working different muscle groups on different days so your other muscle groups are given time to recover.

Additional source: Men’s Health