Don’t blame the pastor, blame God: Pastor Mboro

Controversial preacher Paseka 'Mboro' Motsoeneng has come to the defence of anti-gay Grace Bible Church guest preacher

On Monday, pastor Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng defended bishop Dag Heward-Mills’ controversial sermon this past Sunday where he highlighted that homosexuality is not ‘natural’ and is a sin.

The sermon caused a stir in the country and people have been debating the matter on social media – all with differing opinions on the sermon. Motsoeneng has now come out to say that people shouldn’t be angry at the bishop, but rather at the Bible.

“People must blame God. Pastors are preaching the Bible. You can’t blame a pastor on the teachings of the Bible. I accept anyone, whether gay or lesbian, God loves us all, whether we are right or wrong. He wants all people to repent and come to him,” Motsoeneng said.

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He went on further to explain that whether one likes it or not, ‘homosexuality is a sin’ but that people should remember that it’s not a sin being committed against anyone.

“The truth is: God made a male and a female, but something went wrong along the line. It is our duty to pray about it,” he said.

“They are harmless and most of them are kind people. It is a sin against themselves and God. I see them as people who deserve love and support. I am against people who harm and kill them,” Motsoeneng went on to say.

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– Additional source: The Sowetan