Essential travel gadgets that won’t break your bank

Here are four budget friendly travelling gadgets that will make your local or international trip that much more fun and convenient

Astrum Smart Key, R399

TRAVEL Astrum Smart Key

The Astrum Smart Key is a very convenient gadget to carry around with you wherever you go to make sure that you never lose anything, even the car you rented in a mall parking lot. You can attach it to anything, your bag, leave it in the car, to an important set of keys or even your favourite pair of socks (the ones you always lose!). By using clever technology, and through an app, you’ll be able to track your belongings easily. And just as an added bonus, you can also take selfies from your phone through the app so that no moment is ever missed.

Available from The Gadget Shop

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Volkano Action Camera Power Cam, R499

SAWUBONA Action Camera

The Volcano Action Power Cam is one of the best gadgets for the adventure traveller. If you enjoy going diving, hiking on scenic trails and the sorts. It is designed to be attached surfboards, helmets and any other compatible objects so that you can capture action shots you wouldn’t normally be able to get from a normal camera. It also has a video option, and captures everything in high definition.

Available from selected Game stores nationwide

Limelens Camera Lens Set, R649

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 13.50.20

Many of us travel to experience the beautiful scenery, the buzzing metropolitan cities around the world and to see something different from the world that we’re so used to. It’s important to try and document every part of a trip to keep those memories alive. The Limelens Camera Lens Set allows for us to do this with no fuss. Whether you consider yourself an ‘iPhone photographer’ or you just enjoy taking good quality pictures; this camera lens set will take your photography to the next level with no extra effort on your part.

Available from iToys

Jamoji Bluetooth Speaker, R299

Jamoji Bluetooth Speaker

The Jamoji Bluetooth Speaker is a lot more powerful than it looks, it is the true epitome of a dynamite that coming out of a small package. Aside from the fact that it’s super quirky, adding a bit of colour to your trip, the speaker is really great for camping trips or days lazing around on the beach and listening to your favourite music cordlessly. It’s got a 6-hour battery lifespan and you can answer your calls through the speaker wherever you are. Believe us, this is a fun gadget to have and it’s ultra practical.

Available from selected Game stores nationwide