Three alternatives to the suit jacket

If you don't want to wear your blazer, but still want to look professional - here are your alternatives

As men, we love suits! Whether you own one or you don’t. There’s a different type of confidence that a man feels when he’s draped in a well-fitting, good-looking suit.

But some times you want to conjure up the same feeling of confidence and boldness and still maintain a professionally strong image without feeling as uptight as a suit can sometimes make you feel. This can be easily done by substituting your suit jacket/blazer for one of these jacket alternatives.

This is the easiest way to add a bit of cool to your corporate style. To maintain the suit-look, make sure to still keep the pillars of the outfit which include the shirt, tie/bow-tie

The bomber 

The bomber is one of the most versatile items any man can have in his wardrobe, it works well in any context, whether super-casual, smart-casual and one can even make it work in a formal context. It’s also versatile in the sense that you can get it in a variety of colours and patterns to match your style-personality and to add some life to your overall ensemble.

A well-fitting bomber can really work as a professional piece, especially when paired with formal essentials.

The quilted jacket 

While a quilted jacket might not be a top item in mind for many men, it’s a great alternative to the suit jacket. It’s especially great if you don’t consider yourself too stylish, but like to understatedly good. The quilted detail give it somewhat of a masculine feel about it, and it’s quite functional as a jacket.

The denim jacket 

If you don’t currently own a denim jacket, whether to substitute your suit jacket with or just in general for your casual outings, then you need to make your way to a denim right now and get one. A denim jacket will make your dressing up process so much easier, and requiring a lot less effort.

It’s also a great throw-on to a formal ensemble, to dress down your suit while still maintaining that professional look.

– All images sourced from Pinterest