Tried and tested: Azzaro Wanted

We tried out Azzaro Wanted – here's everything you need to know

Azzaro Wanted is a woody, spicy fragrance that was launched in the country late last year. It’s said to epitomise a man who doesn’t conform to societal constructs but who is liberal and rebellious.

The bottle itself is intriguing: the masculine, revolver-like cylindrical design is enough to pique your interest.

“It’s a symbol of freedom and virility, an embodiment of extreme masculinity tinged with the nostalgia of childhood . . . the bottle evokes games of chance and was created to be the ultimate weapon of seduction,” fashion designer Loris Azzaro says about the fragrance.

“This fragrance is for a man’s man – it’s not a boy’s fragrance,” Irene Nondlwana says. “I see your typical corporate guy; it’s either a guy in finance or investment banking. It screams authority, strength, power and position – this is man I’d respect and that I’d definitely get into bed with.”

Nana Makhokolo, on the other hand, says while this isn’t the kind of guy she’d go for, the scent makes her think of a “bad boy”.

“I see a flirtatious man who’s also secure in himself. This man is ready for a summer night out,” Makhokolo says. “He doesn’t conform to the standards that society has put in place and he’s a bit rebellious, which could bring out the same in any woman.”

So it seems Azzaro hit the nail on the head with the fragrance’s composition and the man it’s meant to represent.

The scent opens with top notes of lavender, mint, lemon and ginger. It  follows into the heart of the fragrance with notes of apple, geranium and cardamom. The scent ends with notes of amber wood and tonka bean.