Four of the best colour combos

The key to looking good is making sure the colours you match up make a statement

The rule of thumb when it comes to matching colours is that those opposite each other on the colour wheel are the ones that match.

While this might be true, sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box and match colours that will have an impact on your overall look. Many fashion “rules” have fallen away over the years or are more flexible – this also applies to colours.

Here are the colour combos that will always work to make a strong but subtle statement.

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Burgundy and navy 

As individual colours, navy and burgundy have a distinguished, classy feel. And often, an all-navy or all-burgundy look is a strong monotone combo that will draw positive attention and make a good impression.

Now, the two colours together work really well for both a casual and a formal look. You can wear a full navy suit and layer it with a burgundy coloured parker and tie. Or for a more casual feel, throw a burgundy bomber over a pair of navy pants and a white T-shirt.

Green and tan 

The camo-and-tan/beige combination is often associated with nature or the uniforms of people who work in nature, such as safari guides. This is because they’re earth colours. Put them together for a casual or formal outfit for an eye-catching and statement-making look.

This colour combo has been termed safari-chic by some – and chic it is. Pair camo pants with a beige crew-neck jersey. Or for the warmer summer months, pair a short-sleeved camo shirt with tan chino shorts. An effortless way to get away with being stylish.

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Grey and white 

The grey-and-white colour combination is a classic one. These are the foundation colours for anything, be it decor or fashion, that can be described as “minimal”. The colours together create a quiet type of sophistication and makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier.

You don’t need to think about what you’re going to put together: just grab a white shirt, grey pants and a pair of white sneakers – and you’re ready for any occasion!

Black and navy

Never pair navy with black; it’s like mixing water with oil – well, we don’t believe that’s true at all.

But the rule is to opt for a navy that has obvious blue tones so it provides a visible contrast to the black item you’re wearing.