Class-up your suit with these accessories

Take a suit from ordinary to classy with these small accessories that make a big difference

It’s safe to assume that wearing a different suit each day of the month isn’t an option for most of us. But you can make what you have work in various ways, with suit accessories.

Accessorising can change the entire look and feel of a suit, so your rotation process isn’t as obvious. Apart from this practical element, the right accessories take a suit from ordinary to sophisticated, which is why they’re an essential investment, especially if making a good impression is important to you.

Lapel accessories

A lapel accessory is one of the best ways to take your plain look to the next level. It’s easy to put on, relatively affordable and there are so many varieties, you may find yourself obsessed with collecting them.


Cufflinks come in various forms and shapes, and add a subtle quirkiness to what can be a serious look. While they’re most often worn with French cuffs, you can be flexible with this look. Cufflinks are guaranteed to add a sophisticated feel to your suit, and what you may see as a small detail could be the very thing that makes all the difference.

Tie clip

A tie clip might seem like a random accessory, but it brings every element of what you’re wearing together. We’d even go as far as saying it’s the glue of your look (shoes are really the glue of an outfit, but you get what we mean).

Pocket square

The pocket square is probably the most commonly worn suit accessory because it doesn’t require much effort and thought. Pocket squares are available in an array of colours, textures and shapes, and adds a personal touch. Match your pocket square to your tie or belt.