Taire Avbovbo: taking the guesswork out of shopping for men

Premiere menswear store Odrin recently opened its doors and is the ultimate destination for the man who wants all his style needs in one place

The Odrin store in Milpark, Johannesburg, officially opened in September last year and is slowly becoming a favourite among men who have a preference for high-quality, well-made clothes.

Founder and owner Taire Avbovbo tells us where the idea for the store came from.

“Odrin started with the desire for wanting to create a better way for guys to shop. So we did some research and found that a better experience started with a good set of products, a good history, a good heritage and, more importantly, a good price point,” Avbovbo says.

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Not only is each piece of superb quality, there’s variety too, with workwear as well as casual and formal items.

“Men don’t like to spend time shopping, so it’s important for us to make sure they get everything they need in one place. This is the driving force behind Odrin.”

In trying to create a brand that stood out, Avbovbo realised he faced two choices: taking the easy way out and using a Chinese manufacturer to make the garments or creating a world-class brand made in Africa. He chose the latter option.

“A lot of brands based in Africa don’t usually have their garments made on the continent and often specialise in items people can wear only once or twice a month, like a bright, loud shirt, which is great because it showcases our design and heritage – but that’s not what I wanted,” Avbovbo says.

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“I wanted the narrative to change, and not be the guys who created something that people support because they’re trying to buy African. We wanted to be the brand that provides you with what you wear for the remaining 29 days of the month and something that could compete with some of the world’s biggest brands.”

For the man that enjoys simplicity and is looking to build a strong foundation for his wardrobe, Odrin is the destination store that will cater to this need. The store itself is easy to navigate: it’s uncluttered and each item can be clearly seen – making it a stress-less shopping experience.

Here are a few items on offer at Odrin: