Ever used voice recognition to order a drink?

Glenfiddich is set to launch a bar like no other that will use the frequency of your voice to decide the drink you order

Glenfiddich, which boasts being the world’s most awarded single malt whiskey, has come up with a treat for whiskey lovers and even those that are curious about the drink.

The brand is set to introduce a game-changing concept for its Johannesburg consumers by opening a temporary bar called The Independent Bar, which will use biometric technology to create a whisky experience like no other.

The bar will open for a period of three months in the vibrant Braamfontein area. Thembela Ngayi, the account manager for Glenfiddich, tells us a bit more.

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“With this concept, Glenfiddich is introducing biometric technology for the first time in the Whisky industry. How it will work is that a person will walk into a space  where there’s a machine in the middle of the room,” Ngayi explains.

“You will then proceed to say something, anything, into the machine and it will visualise the frequency of your voice from the ceiling to the floor of the room. Based on the characteristics of your voice, the machine will proceed to order you a drink.  It will do this by giving you a code that you take with you to the actual bar.”

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Ngayi says that this will also be a great space not only for the whiskey drinker but also for the entry-level whiskey drinker looking to explore the different ways that one can enjoy the drink.

“Most people always look at whiskey as an old-person drink, but with this bar we’re inviting the public to experience whiskey in a different way. It’s not only limited to people of a certain age, or a certain class,” Ngayi says. “We’re introducing this to new whiskey drinkers and also innovating the drinking experience for people that have been drinking Whiskey for a long time.”

People will only be able to experience the bar by invitation which they can receive by signing up here.