How to rock a patterned suit without compromising on your simplicity

Before you shy away from a patterned suit, here are ways to pull it off without feeling out of character

Some men tend to be afraid of walking out of the house in a patterned/printed suit because they feel it might be  a bit too ‘loud’ and out of character. While we definitely agree that patterned/printed suits tend to lean less on the side of simplicity and more on the extravagant scale, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

If you implement certain considerations, the patterned suit will no longer have to be a no-go-zone but will make just the right statement without compromising your simple and understated nature.

Buttoned-up shirt

In terms of your shirt choice, it’s always better to go for a plain coloured and fuss free shirt buttoned all the way to the top for a cleaner silhouette. Or alternatively, a T-shirt that’s also one colour and fuss free.

If you do decide to go with a tie, then make sure that it’s simple and clean (or matches the pattern), and doesn’t interfere with the rest of the look.

Play it down with sneakers 

Generally, patterned suits are not the most formal of suit options and thus lend themselves quite nicely to being paired with a sneaker. Whatever the pattern and whatever the colour, the best pairing will always be with a pair of slim white trainers.

Do not accessorise 

A patterned suit is more often than not a statement within itself, and you don’t need to enhance it with anything because this might just make the whole look seem a bit cluttered.

Consider your build 

When purchasing a patterned suit, it’s important to consider your build – are you skinny, do you have an athletic body or are you big built and so on. If you lean more on the skinny side, go for a suit with more prominent horizontal patterning so that it doesn’t make you look any skinner than you are. And for the bigger-built man, rather go for a pattern that’s more vertical so as to give the illusion of a more trimmed size as horizontal patterning/lines will only work to make you look wider.

Split the pattern

If you’re not so keen on going full-pattern, you can still make a statement if you just go with a patterned blazer and plain trousers. Often, a pair of plain black pants will go with any pattern you decide to go with.

All images sourced from Pinterest