The big debate: shaving cream vs gel

Shaving cream or gel – which is better?

You might not have thought too hard about it, but chances are that at some point, the question of whether a shaving cream or gel was the better option must have crossed your mind.

Before we get into exactly what it is that makes them different, it’s important to note that their core function is to make the shaving process easier and safer by providing a cushion between the razor and your skin.

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FINO Cosmetics founder Adrienne Cohen, whose company is set to release a shaving range soon, recommends that men with sensitive skin lean more towards gels, because these tend to be better at lubrication.

“The gel is a bit more hydrating and moisturising than the cream. Gels are also a lot more modern and have become a trend in men’s skincare,” Cohen explains.

She says that a clear, non-foaming gel also allows you to see where you’re shaving.

“The clear gel is transparent. This always makes for a cleaner-looking shave,” she says.

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Creams tend to have a much thicker, richer lather, which one could argue better cushions and protects the skin during the shaving process.

Other than this, there really is little difference between a cream and a gel – it all boils down to preference.

“At the end of the day, it is very much about personal preference. It’s about what your fingers like to touch and what you enjoy feeling on your skin,” Cohen says.