Style essentials that no-one is too old to wear

While there are some age-appropriate clothes, there are some style essentials that even a man in his 50s doesn't have to shy away from

There is no doubt that there are certain style trends and items that men of a particular age should not consider for their wardrobes.

No-one enjoys seeing an almost-senior citizen struggling to breathe, while squeezed into super-tight skinny jeans in the same way that a 21-year old should never find himself walking out of the house in bootleg jeans that cover half the length of his shoes. Both are unsightly.

But there are certain style-items that all generations can enjoy and use to upgrade their look. This is especially true for the older gent who might be wary of trying these items out because of his age  – we’re saying it’s OK.

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Bomber jacket

Over the past few years, the bomber jacket has become a menswear staple. One could say that the bomber is the white shirt of winter. Its timeless, but it’s still got a trendy thing about it which is why the older gent might be reluctant to add this to his wardrobe collection. However, this item is cross-generational and doesn’t discriminate by age.

Trendy sunglasses

On the “wrong” side of 40? This doesn’t mean that your style has to become boring. Yes, you should have a dignified sense of fashion, but this isn’t just expressed through formalwear.

You can still play around with different shapes and patterns of trendy sunglasses. Trends that have come in quite strongly in the past few years have been tortoise-shell and wooden frames. These tend to look great on most people, and certainly won’t impact on your distinguished aesthetic – in fact, they might just add to it.

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Distressed denim 

Distressed denim is versatile and will add an interesting dynamic to whatever you wear it with – a dynamic that’s shared by the regular variety.

 The older gent’s distressed denim should be a understated, with a few raw patches here and there. It shouldn’t be the full-on, torn distressed denim often seen on men in their 20s.

Printed shirt 

A printed shirt is one of the best ways to dress down a suit, to celebrate a summer’s day on the beach and to play around with colour without feeling or looking over the top. It offers a versatility and ease that no man should ever deny themselves.

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