A round-up of proudly South African grooming brands

Some of the best men’s products on South African grooming counters are home-grown. Here are some of our favourites

In South Africa, you often hear how important it is that we, the locals, support our own people and brands. The message is often communicated through a slogan that all of us are familiar with: “support local”.

While the “support local” narrative has had great presence in the fashion industry, the same can’t necessarily be said for the grooming industry. How often does this cross your mind when you’re browsing the grooming aisle in a store? Well, here are some of the grooming brands owned by South Africans that you should start supporting.


This brand was founded by professional make-up artist Adrienne Cohen, who has more than 20 years’ experience in South Africa’s film and TV industry. The brand came about to address the numerous skincare issues that many of the people she “put faces on” experience. She felt she needed to create a skincare range for men that worked to solve problems including razor bumps, ingrown hairs, dry skin and skin irritation.


Six Man was launched last year and currently has three products on offer for men. The founder, Marisa Dimitriadis, researched the chief grooming needs and demands of men before creating the products on offer. It was through this research that she discovered that men want something convenient, easy and fuss-free – the Six Man men’s range caters to that desire.


The Captain’s Beard has a variety of product offerings specifically tailored for beard care. These range from beard oils to razors and shaving brushes. Proudly produced right here on home soil, the brand prides itself in only using the finest of ingredients to guarantee the finest-looking beard. If you love your beard, you’ll love the Captain’s Beard range.


Africology is a skincare brand that’s also branched out into spas. The founder, Rechnia Droganis, started the brand 16 years ago and it now has eight spas across the country and exports its products all over the world. It has a variety of natural and eco-friendly men’s products that range from skincare to beard care.


This is a skincare brand founded by Tsakani Mashaba and the products are specifically formulated to target the skincare needs of the African man. The brand has been in existence for almost six years and part of the reason Mashaba conceptualised this was because she believes that African men shouldn’t wait on the west to sort out their skincare needs, but should invest in something that’s catering to them specifically.