Sports presenter warns Phiri’s family to be wary of Mzwakhe Mbuli

The allegations of fraud came to light following the death of legendary musician Ray Phiri

Power FM sports presenter Thabiso Mosia maintains that he stands by his words when alleging that “The People’s Poet” Mzwakhe Mbuli cashes in on funerals of celebrities.

Mosia tweeted that he stands by every single word he tweeted on Wednesday and will gladly take on Mbuli on any platform. He said everything he tweeted was from first-hand experience. “I was there. It’s not hearsay. And there’s so much more,” he said.

The allegations came to light following the death of legendary musician Ray Phiri. In a series of tweets on Wednesday afternoon, Mosia narrated how Mbuli had allegedly tried to steal every cent from the late Mandoza’s family.

“Was in two family meetings with Mzwakhe Mbuli and his ‘Legends’ cronies at MDZ [Mandoza]. With all due respect to the family. Mzwakhe might be a family friend. But trust me, now he’s there to steal. He has no good intentions at all,” he tweeted.

He claimed that Mbuli and a friend would ask the family how they could help and then go to Ministers and MECs and ask for money. He said they kept most of the money they received and pretended they did not get enough to give to the family.

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Mbuli had allegedly asked Mandoza’s family for R70 000 to provide audio services at his funeral. When told that Arthur Mafokate had offered to do the same free of charge, he dropped his fee to R35 000. “They went berserk and went to consult outside. I was there,” said Mosia.

Mosia further claimed that Mbuli and his friends went to Ministers and MECs asking for R100 000 from each individual. “Cut a long story short. We didn’t see that 200k. The family once again had to fork out the full 90k for venue hire cos time was running out,” he said.

The sports presenter went on to reveal that Mandoza was allegedly made to perform at the “Thank You” SABC concert, two days after his brain operation, because he had already been paid.

Meanwhile, Mbuli vehemently denied the claims and challenged Mosia to lay charges against him if he suspects fraud. He told TshisaLive that he wasn’t above the law. “I am not a conman. I am not corrupt. I fought for these people’s freedoms and now they repay me by accusing me of being a scammer?” he said.

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Mbuli told the publication that people who suspected him should bring forth evidence. “I am no stranger to silly accusations, but because of this, I think it is best if I stay away from Ray’s funeral arrangements. I will just be a normal person and won’t offer my assistance,” he explained.

Additional reporting by TshisaLive