Functional fashion makes saving suave: the Mna Nam

[FEATURED] Technology is becoming the ultimate life hack, with many people utilising digital devices, wearable tech and other smart gadgets to monitor every aspect of their lives. So why not their finances? What if saving could be as simple as swiping a sophisticated fashion accessory worn around the wrist? Introducing the Mna Nam

Designed by globally acclaimed designer, Laduma Ngxokolo, in collaboration with Sanlam, Mna Nam incorporates a diamond-shaped QR code into its audacious aesthetic. This code is linked to a virtual Savings Wallet on the wearer’s mobile phone facilitating a simple scan-to-save mechanism. The accessory is Ngxokolo’s inaugural venture into the realm of functional fashion accessory design and is the first of its kind in the financial sphere. It takes the global wearable tech trend and makes saving more stylish than ever before.

Ngxokolo describes his journey through life as amazing but, at the same time, challenging. He grew up with a single mother – a financially savvy entrepreneur who’d work hard and save up for quality second-hand clothes for him that she knew would last. She taught him to knit, inspired him to become an entrepreneur and left him a legacy of financial vigilance when she passed away in his teenage years. A legacy he believes is key to keeping his business sustainable.

Coming from a background with limited resources, he believes it’s imperative for all South Africans to save and hopes Mna Nam will equip them to do so. Part of his masters in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins – a world leading centre for art and design – was focused on the fashion of tomorrow.

Ngxokolo thinks that one day, scientists could replace designers as the creators of innovative, wearable tech-led solutions to particular problems. He’s already seen evidence of this in swimsuits that mimic nature to help swimmers swim faster and 3D-printed shoes modelled to perfectly fit an athlete’s foot.

The Mna Nam is part of this legacy. For Sanlam, it’s a crucial tool to help start financial conversations, inspire people to set fiscal goals and incorporate savings occasions into everyday life. This is the world’s first accessory that becomes more valuable the more you use it.

To be eligible to receive this limited edition accessory visit or purchase the August issue of DESTINY MAN.