How to be present during sex

Being in the moment when you're being intimate has the power to take your sex life from good to great. Here are four tips to help you on your way

Talking during sex 

If you’re uncomfortable with dirty talk, then at least tell your partner how beautiful or sexy she is, and that what she’s doing is turning you on. This type of interaction allows both of you to be less self-conscious. It’s important to validate your partner during sex to stay in the moment and feel even more connected.

Cuddling after sex 

A study conducted in 2014 and published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that couples who spend more time showing each other affection after intercourse felt more satisfied with their sex lives. Never underestimate the value of post-sex presence because it affects the overall sexual experience and satisfaction.

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Extend foreplay 

“A lot of foreplay is about people being more connected with each other, especially in the digital era, which brings with it so much disconnection,” clinical sexologist Dr Eve told DESTINY MAN in a previous interview. “Now the foreplay is done very briefly online or on Tinder. It’s all about brief chatting, which is so disconnected from real human touch,” she adds.

“Physical foreplay is really important for connection and intimacy, so that people connect emotionally with each other. One way they can do that is by spending more time touching, playing with and exploring each other, instead of just going for genital play.”

Make eye contact 

It’s important to keep your eyes open and look into your partner’s eyes, as this creates a stronger connection and shows that you’re present when you’re being intimate. While some positions don’t allow for eye contact, when a position does, prioritise it.

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