How to pull off a denim-on-denim look

Here's how to layer denim, without looking like you've stepped out of an '80s time warp

Wearing denim on denim can pose a bit of a dilemma: while you really want to have that monochrome thing going, you also don’t want an outdated look.

As a rule of thumb, denim always looks best when paired with dark colours. But you can still do double denim with modern style and flair.

Here are the best ways to make it work.

Black-on-black denim 

This a classic denim-on-denim ensemble. Wear a pair of well-fitting black jeans with a black denim jacket and break the look with a plain or colour T-shirt or shirt. It’s an easy combination that you can’t get wrong.

Dark wash on light wash 

This double denim option allows for more versatility: pair a lighter wash denim item with a darker wash denim piece. You can wear a darker wash bottom and lighter wash top or vice versa – but it often works best when the bottom is darker than the top.

White jeans and a faux-denim shirt 

One of your best buys for summer is a pair of well-fitting white denim jeans. These are super versatile and have a bit more personality than regular denim. These also work really well with formalwear.

The best way to pair these is with a faux-denim shirt. Depending on what dress code you’re going for, you can tuck the shirt in, throw a blazer over and pair with brogues for a business-casual look, or crop your jeans, put on a pair of Converse All Stars and a fedora for a laid-back, casual look.

Light wash on black denim 

Like a dog, a pair of black denim jeans is a man’s best friend. This is your go-to pair of trousers for any look, for any occasion, on any day and whatever the weather. Wear these with a really light wash denim jacket.

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