KFC incident: assailants previously arrested on assault charges

Three of the four men arrested for allegedly attacking and threatening a man and his wife at a KFC in Pretoria on Wednesday already have assault charges to their names

One man had previously been found guilty of assault and the two others have pending assault cases against them, Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubela said on Saturday evening.

Makhubela could not provide additional information on the pending assault cases or the conviction.

Four men were arrested on Wednesday and appeared in court on Friday morning. The men were denied bail and remain in custody, Makhubela said.

Police are still looking for two suspects in connection with the assault.

Makhubela could not confirm the location of the incident, saying the incident is “alleged to have happened at Montana KFC in Pretoria”.

A disturbing video, which was widely shared on social media, shows several men assaulting people at what appears to be the drive-through of a KFC.

A woman can be heard shouting “Are you going to hit me? Are you going to hit me?”

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The men, who appear to be white, can be heard shouting “p**s” and “f**k off”.

Later the woman, who appears to be black, can be heard shouting, “Don’t hit my man.”

In a statement on Saturday afternoon, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said it welcomed the arrest of the four men.

“In a democratic and constitutional dispensation, there is no room for racism and no person should live in fear of abuse based on the colour of his or her skin,” DA Gauteng MPL Adriana Randall said.

“The law must now be allowed to follow its course for justice to be served to the family.”

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation has also expressed its disgust at the incident in a strongly worded statement issued yesterday.

“The racial dynamics in this incident are glaring. It is deeply troubling that people have not learnt the lessons from the Spur incident,” Ahmed Kathrada Foundation director Neeshan Balton said.

“In this case, the six white men appear to have taken objection to being asked to move forward in the drive-through lane. There can be no justification for their vile racism and aggression. What is further distressing, is that this group had no qualms about beating up a woman – something reflective of the patriarchal values that are still entrenched in society. We are calling on law enforcement agencies to ensure that further arrests are made and that the attackers are brought to justice speedily.”

Watch the video below: