Mna Nam – an occasion to save

There are some things we should do that we don’t – like flossing regularly, taking vitamins, going to gym, eating healthily and getting eight hours' sleep. Saving regularly should also be on the list, especially in a world with easy access to credit and unprecedented consumerism. Introducing the Mna Nam – a stylish accessory that will make saving a habit

Designed by world-renowned designer Laduma Ngxokolo in collaboration with Sanlam for National Savings Month, the sophisticated limited-edition Mna Nam is available for a short time only in the August issue of DESTINY MAN magazine. Taking wearable tech to the financial sphere, the wrist-worn accessory incorporates a QR code linked to a Savings Wallet on the wearer’s mobile phone, making it the world’s first accessory to become more valuable the more you use it.

Wearable tech works most successfully when it gamifies rewards. Sanlam encourages you to set attainable goals by incorporating everyday savings occasions into your life. Think about something you want to achieve; whether you’re dreaming of an exotic holiday, tickets to a big sports match, the latest sneakers, being a step closer to paying off your student loan or a new laptop, recognising savings occasions is a smart way to get closer to realising your goals.

A savings occasion is any moment you decide to scan and save. If you forego a morning coffee and pop the money into Mna Nam instead, that’s a savings occasion. If you stumble upon a sale, find a quality marked-down garment and send the money you didn’t spend to the Savings Wallet, that’s another savings moment. Every time you look at the sophisticated accessory on your wrist and decide to save – that’s an occasion worth celebrating.

Save now to live your best life tomorrow. The more you save, the better the reward – whether you’re finally able to buy the designer watch you’ve been ogling or place the money in a savvy investment vehicle to earn exceptional compound interest. Mna Nam is your fashion-forward, purpose-led way to capitalise on savings occasions every day.

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