Lebo M loses his father to lung disease

Tragedy has struck producer and musician Lebohang "Lebo M" Morake

After having suffered from a lung disease, Lebo M’s 87-year-old father Boikie Pieter Morake sadly passed away on Wednesday afternoon.

The news of his passing was confirmed by the producer’s management team in a statement.

“It is with deep sadness that Lebo M, on behalf of the Morake family, announces the death of their father, Boikie Pieter Morake who was 87 years old,” the statement read.

Lebo M took to Instagram to share the news, adding that the family celebrate a new life, while they mourn the death of his father.

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“A day of sadness and joy for my family. As we welcome our newest family member, my niece’s son, it is with deep sadness and a heavy heart, a couple of hours later today, that my father passed on,” Lebo M wrote on his Instagram.

“We celebrate life in all forms and through us his legacy will live on. Dad left us [13 September 2017] at 1pm: ‘God… He giveth and He taketh’.”

Details of the memorial service and funeral are yet to be announced.

Best known for having created the South African version of The Lion King, Lebo M has achieved success in business and the arts in South Africa and internationally.

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In a previous interview with DESTINY MAN, he opened up about how has spent a long time building his profile and establishing his reputation and while he feels that he’s appreciated abroad, he believes he’s not appreciated enough in his home country.

“A creative talent like me, a businessman, is still not valued. It angers me that every time I open a local paper, I’ve got to be reading some crap. Yet everywhere else outside the country, we’re an institution. Get the hell out of my bedroom; let’s get into my office!” he said.