5 spring style mistakes to steer clear of

We've put our jackets away and brought out our sandals and shorts. But before you step out to enjoy the sun, take note of these fashion slip-ups

It’s always refreshing to come out of a dark and gloomy winter, and enter into bright and sunny spring, a season that represents newness and a sense of starting over.

The sun is out and there’s a lightness in the air. As far as your wardrobe goes, heavy items are thrown to the back of the cupboard in favour of unfussy daily attire. A new season requires a new style, so avoid making these fashion mishaps at this time of the year.

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Sunglasses that don’t fit 

Avoid wearing shades that are too tight on the face, too loose or simply too big. While sunglasses are functional, they’re still an accessory that complements whatever you’re wearing, and sunnies that sit awkwardly on your face are unsightly. Find a shape that suits your face and fits – it’s as easy as that.

Heavy fabrics

There’s no need to torture yourself in a jersey because you think it looks good on you. And while that red and black flannel shirt might be the one that gets you compliments, you’re just making everyone around you hot. Swap it for a light denim shirt or short-sleeved patterned shirt.

Wearing no socks with ashy ankles 

It’s that time of the year when some men revisit the ankle-baring trend and go sock-less. To pull this look off successfully, make sure your ankles are moisturised – dry, ashy skin is not a good look.

And don’t forget to put foot powder in the shoe and on your foot. The last thing you want is to stink up the place as soon as you take your shoes off.

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Pairing sandals with socks 

This is one of the biggest fashion mistakes of all time. You don’t have to have great-looking feet – if your nails are trimmed and your feet are in good condition, that’s good enough to wear sandals. You’ll be hard-pressed to have anyone take you seriously if you insist on covering up your toes by wearing socks with sandals.

Too-short shorts

As far as the correct length of shorts for men goes, the rule of thumb is that they should be six to seven centimetres above the knees. If your shorts go below the knee, you may look like you’ve stepped out of 2007.