Boxing legend George Foreman calls out Steven Seagal

The two-time heavyweight champion has challenged the Under Siege star to a no holds-barred battle in Las Vegas

Boxing appears to be full of unlikely bouts at the moment, but even the most imaginative fans will not have come up with a George Foreman vs Steven Seagal headliner.

 “Steven Seagal, I challenge you,” Foreman tweeted this week, “one on one, I use boxing. You can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas.”

There was no word from Foreman on the reason behind the challenge, but speculation is rife that it has something to do with Seagal complaining that recent American football protests were “disgusting”.

 A devastating puncher in his prime, the 68-year-old pugilist famously lost the Rumble in the Jungle to a crafty Muhammad Ali, but returned to the ring at the age of 48 to upset Michael Moorer and become heavyweight champion once more. Outside of sporting circles, he is perhaps better known for his wildly popular line of grills.

There is no doubt that Seagal would be able to defend himself. He is a legitimate martial artist and one of the most respected Aikido practitioners in the world. The US-born 65-year-old, who recently became a Russian citizen, is a seventh-dan black belt and was the first foreigner to open a dojo in Japan.

However, the Gentle Art, which focuses on using an opponent’s strength against them, has been castigated for being impractical and Seagal himself has been a figure of fun over the years for everything from his eccentric behaviour and politics to his increasingly portly physique.

Seagal has a reputation for being difficult to work with. Rapper DMX, who co-starred with Seagal in Exit Wounds said at the time: “Steven Seagal is a fu**. He’s a fu**ing sh**head. With spray-on hair. He talked like he was an old slave master. ‘Hey, wassup? We’s gonna have us a barbecue.’”

Disappointingly, a spokesperson for Seagal says the star did not wish to comment on the challenge.

Assuming it goes ahead, who do you have in this heavyweight clash?