Change your bedroom colour to lift your mood

[FEATURED] Give your bedroom a simple makeover using Dulux’s range of paint. This can also help improve your state of mind

The role colour plays in our lives is underestimated. It can affect our mood and therefore our behaviour. However, the effect of colour is quite individual and depends on factors such as our cultural background, upbringing and personal experiences.

Colour preferences also change over time. For instance, nowadays it is pretty much accepted that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. But this was not always the case, according to historian Jo Paoletti, from the University of Maryland. She authored the book Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America.

“In the early 1920s, it was fairly common to have embroidery and flowers and ruffles on boys’ clothes, but by the 1940s, that was considered pretty much feminine,” Paoletti told news and lifestyle website Racked.

Pink is for everyone

Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2018, Pictured Rocks, is described as a “grown-up” pink. The company believes the colour is very versatile and can work for both feminine and masculine spaces.

Here are three bedroom makeover ideas, using Pictured Rocks to spruce up your look and mood. The good news is you will only need a few litres of paint to do this.

Idea one:

Pictured Rocks combined with ink blue, clay and coffee tones will add an instant feeling of calm and create a soothing mood for your bedroom. If you have a focal area – like a desk or dressing table – why not make it a feature with a graphic paint design?

How to paint an oval:

Paints used:
10YR 28/072 Pictured Rocks
90RR 16/095 Maraschino Mocha 3
70YR 50/086 Sultana Spice 3
46RB 06/074 Black Magic

Idea two:

Instead of painting the wall in just one colour, experiment with a two-toned wall, using Dulux Luxurious Silk for a premium mid-sheen finish. You can then bring in other textures like wood, leather, velvet and silk, which will automatically create a harmonious space that is comfy and welcoming.

How to create a two-toned wall:

Paint used:
10YR 28/072 Pictured Rocks
30RR 22/031 Wet Granite
30YR 49/097 Nomadic Glow 3

Idea three

Creating small details or a graphic feature for the focal area of your bedroom using Dulux Rich Matt adds an extra dimension. Textures such as brushed copper and black leather enhance the tonal warmth of these colours for a fashionable finishing touch.

Paint used:
10YR 28/072 Pictured Rocks
46RB 06/074 Black Magic

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