What Robert Mugabe’s palace looks like

Photographs of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's $10 million Harare palace have emerged

His palace, dubbed “Blue Roof” has two lakes and is based in 44-acre grounds fenced off from the public and protected by a multi-million-dollar security system.

The Zimbabwean published the images, which show the extravagant property decorated with marble floors, expensive chandeliers and a swimming pool.

According to the publication, the mansion was constructed by Serbian construction company Energoproject to a Chinese architectural design.

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The beleaguered 93-year-old apparently immerses himself in luxury with his wife Grace, far away from the pain and suffering felt by ordinary Zimbabweans.

These pictures were released as evidence that Mugabe and his wife lavished millions on themselves.

Mugabe resigned ahead of imminent impeachment from members of his Zanu-PF party, after the military took control of the country.

Zanu-PF dumped the man who led the country for 37 years and replaced him with his former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was sacked by Mugabe himself.

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Mnangagwa, known as “The Crocodile”, will be sworn in as country’s new president on Friday to lead the post-Mugabe unity government, which is expected to focus on rebuilding ties with the world and stabilising the economy.


Source: The Zimbabwean and UK Mirror