J’Something reveals he’s a father

J had quite a year in 2017 – running his own restaurant, releasing a cookbook, touring as part of Mi Casa, and playing judge on SA’s version of popular cooking show My Kitchen Rules

In an interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral, Mi Casa frontman J’Something reflected on the year that was, becoming a father and his dreams for 2018.

The star said even though he had a good year, he’s still trying to get back to the love he had for music. “I had a challenging year, but it was a good year. Mi Casa and music as a whole, it’s a weird thing. I’m still adjusting. I’m still trying to get back into that love that I had for music. Because music’s become a bit of a job and I don’t like that, so it’s been very tough at times,” he said.

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Usually one to keep his private life to himself, J also opened up about becoming a father, while being careful not to give too much away. “Also something that I’ve never mentioned in the world as well is that I have a laaitie (son). I have a first-born child. I haven’t really spoken about this,” he told Cliff, adding: “That added to the year that 2017 was.”

Another tough personal moment for him was when his mother suffered a mild heart attack: “That was a very, very tough moment. Something that I’ve never shared with the world.”

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Looking forward to the new year, J says he still has many dreams which he wishes to fulfill, including doing his own cooking festival. “I really want to do a Something’s Cooking festival, where we incorporate music and food and celebrate South Africa through that.”

– News24 Wire