How to improve your grooming habits

The best way to improve your grooming is to make it part of your daily routine

We spoke to Charmain Lines from Hines and Harley men’s grooming to find out how men can best improve their grooming habits.

As you wouldn’t leave the house without putting on your shirt; the same should apply to using skincare or beard products. Lines says that you should keep your grooming products where you cannot miss them as you go about your morning routine.

“Another tip is to ensure that the products and equipment you use, are of good quality. Cheap products may be more affordable, but they are not great for your skin or hair. Good quality yields long-term and sustainable results, which will inspire you to keep up the grooming habit,” she says.

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Lastly, don’t make your grooming routine complicated and time-consuming. Ask a professional beauty therapist to recommend two or three products that will make the biggest difference and start with those. You can always expand your routine later on.

Keep reminding yourself that grooming is part of your getting-ready routine. You should feel not completely dressed unless you have applied your products.

Bad grooming habits

Quick fixes. Anything that cuts time out of your routine is usually not the best idea. For example, using cold water to shave instead of waiting for the water to heat up will make the process more uncomfortable and can lead to skin irritation.

Over-exfoliation is a major bad grooming habit. It causes to excess skin build which can lead to milia – white bumps on the skin around the eye area.

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Good grooming habits

  • Seeing a professional at least once a month for advice and a treatment.
  • Taking a few extra minutes to shave properly, with a good quality shaving gel or soap, hot water and a sharp blade, and finishing off with an aftershave that does not contain alcohol.
  • Exfoliating once a week, and using a day cream every day.
  • Using good quality products and equipment.
  • Using products regularly. Grooming is like going to the gym – you cannot go once and expect results.