Hanlie Raath

Hanlie Raath is a psychotherapist, and is regarded as a relationship expert specialising in all aspects of relationship management. She worked extensively in welfare and education,and went into private practice 21 years ago -in which time she and her associates have reached 12,500 people. Raath also started her career as Co-ordinator of Therapeutic services- Phoenix House-Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre. She has worked extensively with a whole range of addictions in her private practice.

Joanne Brodie

Joanne Brodie is a counsellor in private practice and is passionate about her work. She deals with a number of issues through her counselling and her expertise includes but is not limited to sex addiction and abuse. Brodie is the author of Woman Trashed, her personal story of addiction, self-destruction and survival. Find out more on her website: www.joannebrodie.com

Dealing with confrontation

Dealing with people whether it be in a personal or professional capacity can often lead to conflict. But many of us would rather keep quiet than risk an unpleasant confrontation. But resolution can only come through directly addressing conflict. With the help of our expert mentors we teach you how to effectivelt deal with confrontation.